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Dayra sell for a cause

Support Dayra’s  activities and furthering our charitable work by giving your unwanted high quality clothing items.

At Dayra we work to stop clothes from being thrown away or waste its value. We turn clothes waste into funds to support our partner NGOs. It is a circular and sustainable approach to the problems of clothes waste tackling disposal, production and consumption, also give back to our community and support those in need 

Increasing clothes reuse across the Egypt reducing waste, carbon emissions and consumption

Run social impact campaigns to support those in need

The funds we raise from selling collected pre-owned items are direct to support our partner NGOs and the unsellable items are to be directly donated to our partner NGOs.

How it works

Declutter your closet

Keep aside your unwanted high quality clothes in perfect condition

Request collection

Dayra will...

Sort the items and inspect items to ensure there are no flaws or damages.

Washing and disinfecting your clothes

Price the items

Photo Shoot the item

List on the website

Perfectly package the item

Deliver to buyer 

50% of profit goes to support partner NGO

Each month we support a cause that we announce at the beginning of the month, and we keep you updated on our social media channels with the donations results by the end of each month.

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