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  Dayra is the First Purposeful Sustainable Retail Platform that sells preowned high quality clothing with a purposeful twist and very affordable prices.

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Extending the life of clothing has a significant positive impact on the planet. Extending the life of clothes by an extra nine months reduces its carbon, water, and waste footprint by around 20-30% each, and cuts the cost in resources used to supply, launder and dispose of clothing by 20%. (Global Fashion Agenda and Boston Consulting Group, Pulse of the fashion industry (2018), p.4)

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I recommend Dayra who work through a very professional team where they collect clothes of brands and sell it with very high quality at very reasonable costs. Moreover, I love the charity they offer afterwards. Great idea for empowering the whole community. It’s the future.                               

Nesma Hamada

I like your social initiative in so many ways. how you are recycling cloths and sharing the profits of this recycling to deserved people and organizations. This is such a great initiative and I have tried your service and your delivery was on-time and the product is in a good shape. so thank you and all the best.

Fatma Helmy

I LOOOOOVEEEEEE Dayraa and Basma. My experience was SUPER great so far. Very high quality, great prices and Basma is very helpful. I am most happy because I feel I’m not only contributing to a great social cause, but also protecting the environment and decreasing my consumption. Thank youuu ❤️

Nour Hamdy

woww!! i thought it was only for the environment and it turned out to be much much more thank you bgd for what you are doing you are an angel

Menna S. Hassan


و جميل جدا

و شكرا بجد على حسن استقبالك

و انشالله اتعامل معاكى كتيييييير

Reham Ali Eldin

It’s a great idea

Merna Tarek

البنطلون وصلني اليوم حلو جدا جدا❤❤