7 Successful Campaigns

Not only are they treating children with cancer, 57357 cancer hospital represents a unique model of a world-class treatment hospital free of charge for all Egyptian children equally. They deserve our help.

In a continuous race to save lives and children, Abou el Reesh hospital is one of the oldest operating public hospitals in Egypt. Serving people for free. With an overflow of patients and never-ending need for supplies and equipment, the hospital is always financially struggling to keep up with the costs. They need donations to keep doing their great work.

Nothing more elating and satisfying than putting a smile on a child’s face and provide them with safety and a healthy wellbeing. With this in mind, supporting the future of our country requires giving our support to children who are the building blocks of our future. Dayra is supporting the Zeinab Ezzat orphanage.​

ElSafar house for the elderly is playing a vital role in supporting the elderly when they face economic and social hardships forcing them to search for care and humane treatment. Among one of the underserved social sectors, there is a need to ensure that free housing for the elderly is supported. We are helping el safa to continue its meaningful work of restoring human dignity.​

A leading charity providing healthcare to the disadvantaged and purchasing much needed medical equipment for public health care facilities all over the country. Mersal in 2020, proved to be more than a charity by leading civil society efforts in securing hospital beds and much needed medicine for coronavirus critical cases during the crisis that have swept the country. Working 24 hours a day to save lives.​

Masr El kheir Foundation is one of the biggest charitable foundations in Egypt. Taking on a diverse social agenda through different projects to support Egyptian society and empower the disadvantaged. One of the projects that we are supporting is Masr El Kheir’s contribution to equip and support quarantine hospitals.​​

Witnessing the increased number of homeless people living in streets has become a well recorded phenomena in Egypt. To face this challenge heads on , a group of brilliant and responsible volunteers have gathered to create maan le inqaz insan to house and rehabilitate homless people and they created a shelter. Overwhelmed with the number of people that need help, Dayra believes in supporting them and help expand the good they are doing. Saving a life one at a time.​

Textiles production uses around 93 billion cubic metres of water annually and an estimated 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from production per year. This is more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.
Ellen MacArthur Foundation, A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future (2017) p.38
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