Advisory Board

have and experience record in retail business for more than 19 years in different industries, extensive knowledge in both offline and online retail  core business functions. (commercial, operations, merchandising, training, supply chain, franchise, bd and corporate).
have passion in building startups and be a pathfinder.

Ahmed El Menshawy​

Omar Rabie is a lawyer with a firm background in Corporate Commercial laws and has an extensive experience in supporting social and commercial businesses.

Rabie has a wide range of professional experiences in social innovation, employment, entrepreneurship, and he is working towards a career to promote the development of building up the capacities of enterprises and start-ups in the MENA region.

Omar Rabie

Is an award winning architect and entrepreneur with a focus on climate change and environmental solutions. She received her undergraduate degree from Cambridge University UK in Architecture and went on to study Environmental Design. She received a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development – Project Management in Rural Zones from SOAS University UK and has a Professional Studies Award in Environmental Economics and Climate Policy from the University of London.

She is one of the only Egyptian to be recognised by Bloomberg Good Business as a Green Entrepreneurship and the first to be recognised by the UN Sustainable Development Leader. Sarah has established two companies in Egypt ECOnsult is the first company to achieve the highest number of globally accredited environmental buildings and has successfully trained and saved millions of pounds in energy and water saving in Egypt’s companies, institutions and Collaborated with Multinationals. Her projects are global with partnerships in China, UK and Italy. Her second company is MuBun Sustainable Furniture which designs and produces high end furniture from scrap waste. Sarah is one of very few business owners that has more women on her team in a male dominated sector.

Sarah has represented Egypt’s climate change and environmental profile officially selected by the President of Egypt as a senior advisor on this portfolio, and provided advice to the UK Parliament. She has been fighting for climate justice and has successfully developed cooling solutions for poor and agricultural communities in Egypt western desert, south and upper Egypt. She serves on the advisory board for the Egyptian Stock ExchangeSustainability Committee, Both The AUC Schools of Business and School of Engineering Advisory Board and the Corporate Impact and Sustainability Committee of theAmerican Chamber. She is also a non-resident Fellow at the Middle East Institute of Washington. In 2019 she was selected aiming for the Top 50 most influential women in Egypt for her role in Sustainability.

In 2020 Ashden Organization listed ECOnsult as one of the top 22 climate fighting innovative companies in the world putting an Egyptian on the prestigious list for the first time. Her passion is Climate Action implementation in the building sector and saving resources as well as being a leader to inspire youths to establish green companies.

Sarah El Battouty

The Co-founder and COO of Dsquares, the region’s fastest-growing loyalty solutions provider. Ayman has a proven business management track record and over 10 years of experience in technology, product, business development & strategic planning.

Prior to co-founding Dsquares in 2012, Essawy held a senior Marketing role at Vodafone, where he managed Digital and Mobile Media. Before joining Vodafone, Essawy was leading the Business Development & Operations functions at Sarmady – a Vodafone joint venture – where he, along with a well-qualified team, managed to position Sarmady as the one of the leading digital companies in the region, before that he held different tech & operational roles in the telecom & financial services sectors. Ayman holds a BS degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Ayman Essawy

It is estimated that more than half of the fast fashion produced is disposed of in under a year.
Ellen MacArthur Foundation, A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future, (2017)