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About Us

''Dayra'' is a social enterprise aiming to promote ethical or purposeful retail. So basically Dayra aims to be an online commercial retail platform that sells secondhand or preowned high-quality clothing with a purposeful twist and very affordable prices.

All solutions point to keeping surplus and discarded materials in the fashion loop for longer. 

Dayra strives to promote sustainable and eco-friendly fashion through the reuse of pre-owned clothing, and at the same time provide a steady stream of donations to a number of partners of Dayra that work in the development field.


With this business model, Dayra wants to provide its customers who are often interested in fashion and shopping to experience a “guiltless” shopping experience with great affordable prices and go good to the world.

Dayra in a nutshell

Dayra is the First Purposeful Sustainable Retail Platform that sells preowned high quality clothing with a purposeful twist and very affordable prices

Our Story

Save the environment, support social causes, and most importantly, do it in style. This is in a nutshell the core of Dayra, a purposeful sustainable online platform for buying and selling preowned clothes. Working in the field of social work and volunteering for nearly 11 years, witnessing how local civil society organizations struggle to find unrestricted funds for their charity work. We also noticed that many other girls enjoy shopping so much that we usually has many pieces of clothing that has never been worn or have been used only for a couple of times and its taste could be so different to donate as it is. So, we decided to make use of the many buy and sell pages on social media to sell her unused clothes to raise funds and donate it to charities. The first clothing sales campaign was to support 57257 child cancer hospital, which has been a success with friends and family supporting the idea. we then dedicated the second batch of sales to an orphanage in Old Cairo ‘’Zeinab Ezzat orphanage’’ as well and as we always says ‘charity circulates in Dayra,’ those two events led to a great initiative in progress. From Global well known practice, we saw how purposeful thrift fashion retailers are mainstreamed in the economy and raise a great deal of funds to charities, moreover, they contribute to decreasing garment waste and save the environment from the negative impact of fast fashion. We then decided to launch Dayra as a professional platform for collecting, sorting, upscaling preowned clothes to support all social causes in Egypt that are in dire need of funds. Dayra was launched in January 2020 on social media platforms, with professional marketing of every unique piece of clothing that is exhibited and successfully attracted well known figures, business partners and a huge support network to take Dayra to a whole level.

Meet Our Team!

Basma Tawakol


Sina Hbous


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Hamsa Hany

Marketing Head

How it works

Worldwide, the average number of times a garment is worn before it ceases to be used has decreased by 36% compared to 15 years ago.

- Ellen MacArthur Foundation, A new textiles economy