Valldaura Labs - Commute

Master of Interaction Design - Institue of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia - 2013

Valldaura labs are located at a remote site outside Barcelona, and they host the suburb campus of IaaC (Institue of Advanced Architectire of Catalonia) a school affiliated to Catalunya Tech university, and focuses on innovative techiques in architecture and technology. The project provides a new insight on finding your way to Valldaura labs. In a normal scenario, students can reach there by bus, by car, by metro, or hiking, and there are different walking routes. The journy to Valldaura is part of its experience, and if we provided diverse playful means of transportation that add to our journy experience, we might, as design students using the place, do learn an extra thing or two about the place and how we interact with it. The proposed project experiments using a kit as of parts which could be assemebled differently in order to provide different transportation, or transportation aids to the place. They parts are assembled differently based on how people best use them.