Project Lead Co-Founder and product manager
Website | Github | 2013 - ongoing
Team: Sameh Ahmed, Sherif Rashwan
Awards: Fab Foundation Award (2015), Fab Connect award (2015), Maker of Merit (2014)

engraving on a tshirt!

You can find the story around how the project started here, the project started as an effort to break the barrier between technology and a wider userbase. If the whole logic of laser cutters is to follow a line, which can be hand drawn? Why do I need to be a CAD expert and have access to a fabrication facility in order to use one. Risha, meaning light feather, in Arabic language, is an opensource, DIY, portable, low power laser cutter that is suitable for cutting materials such as cardbord, leather, paper, and engraves on wood and other materials. The machine has a webapp and a mobile app, which allows users to draw freely, or scan a hand drawin sketch, then send it to the machine, without any computer skills. The project is 100% fabable! meaning that it could be replciated at any fabrication lab facility or even at home if you have a 3D printer --an experiment towared disctributed manufacturing the develops and evolves based on community learnings.

The project has been replicated in different labs, in Netherlands, and Italy, and by different indivisuals across the world. Also Different researchers used it as case studies to their research thesis around making and education. It was also featured as a case study in Free to Make book, by Make Inc.

A very clear manual is provided for replication, and has been used in different workshops organized in different places, such as Makerfaire Rome, WeMake of Milano, Replubica Berlin, Makerspace Badalona, IT-Syndikat Innsbruck, Makerfaire Cairo, Fab Festival Boston. Participants have always covered all specturms of specialities, from kids and housewives, to mechanical engineers, both managed to work collaboratively and assemble the machine correctoly in neary 90mintures.

Sample use cases

The team from FabLab Siegen was able to replicate the machine and demonstrate it at Nordichi conference in Norway, as a sample of how rapid, distribued manufacturing, can bring new usablity grounds for technology

Even kids love it!

DemoMakerfair from ReshaLaser on Vimeo.