Citizen empowered IOT

Master of Interaction Design - Institue of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia - 2013

Smartcitizen is an iot platform that helps citizens connect to the data in their surroundings. Designed for Barcelona citizens, and in collaboration with Fablab BCN, this project aims at solving bike parking issues, as well as help better recycle the continous flow of unecessary objects into Barcelona streets. Based on rifd, the system will tag bikes, and items, and connect them to the network, giving them a footprint on the web, and help citizens make better decisions collectively.

The current bike system, as shown below, is very insufficient in terms accuracy. As the example above illustrates, the system displays that there are zero places available for parking, while most of the station is actually free of spaces to park. System accuracy is one issue, the other is the location of these stations, which seem to have been designed without taking in consideration the different city growth. Which leaves many stations free of use, while others overused. Citizens will also be invited to workshops at the lab, in order to make their own tags which they can attach to their bikes, in order for the vehicle to be recognised by the system. After successfully managing to register to bike, to lee its footprint on IoT, citizens can then use the platform more efficiently to manage parking slots.

Similarly, citizens can then leave a footprint of their objects, making it easy for others to find it. The process is circular: The DIY tags, require nothing more than a simple wire coil, and a chip attached to it, fabricated in the lab, or provided by the lab as a plastic tag (costs $0.1 when in patches), citizens can attach the tags to their items before they leave at Encatns. Ultimately, a citizen will get an overview of what items are there. Are there any plastic items today that I can target for my recycling project? Are there new patches of shoes, or those are still the same from last week? etc. The tags themselves will circulate; when I go to leave items in Encants, I will attach tags from previous already sold/given away items to my new item, and so on. The tags will show up on SmartCitizen app, with broad classification such as: Books, household items, recyclable plastic, fabric, etc.