My work on Fablab Irbid Consultancy

Located in a border area between Jordan and Syria, Fabla Irbid comes as part of an EU funded initiative that aims at empowering youth, creating jobs, and accelerating and suporting hardware startups. This is the first Fablab in Jordan, and hosts a super equipped workshops for metal work, woodwork, casting, and laser, shopbot, and high standard quality of 3D printers, which has recently been legalized in the country. I served as a Fablab manager, to plan and kickoff its activities, build capacity of staff, design sustainable programs, mentor startups, and bootstrap a community, in a very highly equipped place that is located in a border remote area.

A Fablab openday was the first of its kinds in the first fablab in Jordan, the day marked workshops that were technical yet simplified, with manuals, kits and explanation, in order to make technology engaging and accessible to a broader public. For example, how can you track data from your plant? You can learn to do so, in an hour, with hands on experience and you can leave with the plants. A series of opendays followed, every weekend and helped grow both the capacity building of the staff and the user base of community.

Illustated and detailed descriptive manuals are an essential part in empowering and creating a community of makers

Working with low tech served the kids in the way how they can combine basic origami skills, which they learned on the spot, with basic electricity knowledge. When they learned about basics of polarity and made a fan from very simple components.

Workiing with smart textiles has been another interesting workshop series introduced to the place to bring together a diverse audiance

In addition to working with local farmers to help produce products that align with their needs, and help improve their jobs