Website | 2017 -

Concrochet is a playful experiment with our hard construction material to bring its soft side to a totally different context. While concrete is considered the hardest man-made material on earth, it is interesting to test different fabrication techniques that bring the delicate side of concrete. Initially, exploring using parametric design as means and laser cutting as a precise technology yielded to a more flexible, fabric like, concrete material, which resembles crochet (the French word for lace).

While the new materials are flexible and seemingly tender, they still hold the tough characteristics of concrete at heart, making them quite suitable for outdoor table runners, sheds.

Given the small concrete cross section in the newly produced fabric, so the more water exposure they get over the years, the more curable, and more sturdy, the materials become. Currently I am exploring different patterns, and larger scales to finalize a set of final user testing products.

Initial testing and material experimentation were developed in collaboration with Lafarge Holcim