Architecture works

School and professional portfolio
2005 - ongoing

For my undergraduate degree, I did architecture and urban design engineering at Alexandria Univeristy. This is a five year program, where the first year is about material engineering and science, the two years after are geneal architecture design theory and practice, and the last two years are focused on urban design, including thesis work. My school was old fashioned. CAD was there, but not computation.

I was fascinated by the form that follows the meaning, that eventually yields to a function. It took my time to explore and try to realize why I think the way I think, and I defenitly still am exploring, despite getting a bit multidisciplinary.

For example, this is a sample project that explores the idea of computer graphics, how vectors and planes are precieved by the computer logic, and how can we replicate this on a sptial experience, for a software pavillion

And this is an origami structure, of an office space, that unfolds itself to crreate a spatial experience, that is more horizontal, linear, and ground, for a more stabilized work expeirnce. All form development is based on physical paper studies.

I took manual drafting to the next level, that I was the only studnt in class who delivered her entire detailed construction drawings final project, manually drafted. Looking back, that honesly felt a little..insane.

Graduation projectL Creating Old Alexandria Urban Walks | 2005/2006 - Egypt

For my graduation project, I took old section of Alexandria, and created and urban walk, that starts from one harbour port and end at a plaza, that hosts 3 of the city's oldest churches, yet they are all recessed, and have high walls, that keep them away from blending, then keep the public away from blending with the city's scenery from 200 years ago. The timeline has been blocked by street sellers, and ramdon parking lots, which were still maintained, yet well blended, while keeping in mind the story of the space.

After graduation, I spent probably half a year working in architetcue firms, for residential clients, with some interior work involved. I couldn't fully grasp the commercial cycle rendering avant-projects that were never going to be realilzed, more over I coulnd't justify why should I spend hours drafting toilts?

Then I found my piece of passion within architectre: I love building. If it is not constructable, then why are we calling it a "build"ing at first place? I want to build, and bring things to life. This made me end up in the places like the Sahara! where I lived in border area between Morocco and Algeria, or in Saint Katherine village in Sinai, Egypt. The place where supposedly the exodus started.

Project of development of South Sinai building techniques - EU project | 2008/2009 - Egypt

I spent a nearly a year, in a Bedouin village, in South Siani, while developing ways to build with sand, as an althernative and ecological building technique. The project was located at 28.5594201,33.9381408,15. A wonderful and magical spot, where I used to hike already five years before moving there for work. I lived in somewhere that litterlly meant, valley of the apples, without a single apple tree. After two years of graduation, I was licky to have built 2 buildings, including the center of building crafts, the first and so far the only rammed earth building in Egypt. I also lead design developed and construction of Mount Sinai ecolodge, the only place where visitors can climb Mount Sinai from the ancient piligrim path.

The center of building crafts demonsrats building techniques that are experimental to its surrounding, it was built as a case study and was supposed to serve as a building crafts place, after trainig a good number of local to take the lead on further educating others, developing more techniques and building more building. Well, everything happened accoridng to plan, except for a little corruption detail, that made the building end up as a residence for a Swiss researcher. I took full design development, material research, training and actual construction management of the building. Original design is made by architects Wael Sabry and Ahmed Hamdy.
It was an exptional building experience, where I blessed to have Bedouin mentors, whom I might have taught some design skills, but what I learend from them, was byond specialities. The trickiest part was having to hit the road at 7AM to drive 120KM back and forth, to buy a dozen of..washers.. Well, remote areas!

Project: Mount Sinai Ecolodge | 2009 - Sinai, EGypt

Mount Sinai ecolodge provides an ecological experience of staying in wonderful spot that provides a wonderful view on both mount Sinai and mount Saint Catherine, the highest summit in Egypt. Its location made it a special gate to take the trail to Mount Sinai, using the ancient piligrim route, which is not walked nowadays. The building are desigend as independed suits, located with trails between spaces, inviting users to make the little trips with their retreat site, becfore heading to the longer Mountain path. Original designs where makde by Nashwa AbdelRazek and Rami Shaarawy

Project: Nabi Aaron visitor center| 2009 - Sinai, Egypt

Unfortunatly I didn't get the chance to build this complex during this year, but it was a wonderful journy to design a multilayered spiral spatial complex that blends horizontally with its semi-opened space, and vertically, with its layered light structure.

Taragalte Ecolodge | 2010 - Morocco

Taragalte ecolodge was a project funded by a Candian foundation with multi Dutch- Moroccan parterns. I was hired as consultant project manager to develop all designs (originally developed by Aziza Chaouni and Joseph Kellner), do detailed material research, produce all construction drawings, hire a team, and actually build it. Mhamid ElGizlane, where the site was, is the end of the road between Morocco and Algeria, located at @29.8320519,-5.7506225,15 with 260 days of sand storms. Can't complain, right?

Photo:Wanda Hebly