I am Moushira, which literally, in Arabic, means the one who shows you the way. I am an architect turned interaction designer, with a multidesciplinary experience in building, fabrication, and program mangement.

I lived and built in the desert. Established regional programs. Designed visual identities. Built crazy interactive products. Developed new concepts for distributed projects. The domain may vary, but the result is always around engineering solutions and realizing experiences. Simply, problem solving, and making things happen. I seek value in the work am doing and I strongly belive that ethics is not a luxury.

I like to call myself a design technologist, which might sound vague itself, but it helps me lay a foot on both engineering and design aspects of work.

My major non-fulfilled dream so far, is to build a new kind of circus. Please, do drop me a line if that rings a bell.

I have some intereviews and blogs below:

GrabCad blog interview | Arduino blog story

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